What we do

We provide a legally defensible set of monetary proffer amounts based upon each specific residential project and the specific jurisdiction where the project will be built.

How we do it

We utilize a proprietary system, the ProfferPro™ System. The basis of the system is a detailed understanding of the legal and factual requirements for a proffer to be reasonable under the law. Our system integrates this analysis with sophisticated data mining and then utilizes predictive analytics to produce specific proffer numbers. Read more about our methodology here.


Our clients receive a detailed report that contains fact-based, legally defensible proffer amounts. Each report is approximately 40 pages in length and sets out a monetary proffer amount for schools, police, fire and rescue and parks. The report, at the request of the client, will also contain impact and mitigations for commercial developments or the commercial portions of mixed-use projects. Each report includes an identification of the impacts of the proposed rezoning (excluding transportation impacts) and specific and detailed mitigation strategies and measures developed using professional practices and criteria.